Sunday, June 5, 2016

Love Lies Beneath / Ellen Hopkins / 305 pages

Tara is a player.  Once a widow and twice divorced, she has profited from each relationship and now lives in a mansion in San Francisco and enjoys fringe benefits at a local upscale gym.  She is no one to mess with.  Her early years in Idaho with a drunken, irresponsible, promiscuous mother has made her world wise.  A Tahoe ski accident lands her in the ER for a blown knee.  There she meets the attractive DR. Cavin Lattimore...and her life is forever changer...but is it for the better?  Ms. Hopkins has described the perils and pitfalls of love in narrative and poetry, emphasizing the importance of trust...and the impact of family.

"Having a clear understanding of the past is vital to a healthy future."

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