Tuesday, June 28, 2016

His Captive Lady / Anne Gracie 323 p.

After 8 years of fighting Napoleon, Harry Morant is plans to go into the breeding race horses.  He directs his aunt to find him a middle-class practical woman.  When he buys an estate, he is drawn to an earl's daughter.  Lady Helen Freymore, Nell, has lived a life surround by lies that have brought her to poverty and scandal.  She trusts no man.  And she has a secret quest that does not involve any man even Harry.  The ridged rules of the regency times, force them into a marriage.  Drawn to Harry, she refuses to share her secret heart's desire.  This secret threatens budding romance.

Those who enjoy Mary Balogh, may enjoy this work.

His Captive Lady / Anne Gracie 323 p.

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