Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Echo Park / Michael Connelly 416 p.

In this 12th Harry Bosch mystery, a killer accused of 2 murders plea bargains for life in prison and avoid the death penalty by confessing to multiple murders including one Bosch has been ruminating on for over 10 years.  He and Kiz Rider are brought in to interview the killer, when the prosecuting team agree for the killer to show where the body of Marie Gesto is buried.  There everything goes to awry and the killer escapes, police are murdered, and Bosch begins to suspect all is not what it seems with the escaped killer.  Bosch hooks up with FBI agent Rachel Walling (first seen in the Poet), to find the truth in this police procedural with multiple twists and intricate plots and political shenanigans. 

Echo Park / Michael Connelly 416 p.

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