Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Before the Awakening / Greg Rucka / 216 pgs

After having finished The Force Awakens companion novel a couple of weeks ago, I got my hands on this nice little book. It is comprised of three short stories, each featuring a main character from the movie/book. Finn's story is of his time as a Stormtrooper cadet, his rise in the ranks, and his friendship with three other Stormtrooper cadets. You get a feel for when he begins to have conflicts between the orders of Captain Phasma and his conscience. In Rey's story, you discover how she became such a good pilot and her harsh life on Jakku. In Poe's story, you learn how he meets General Leia Organa and goes on pursuit for information that will lead to Luke Skywalker. I definitely recommend for anyone who wants to become more immersed in this new Star Wars universe. The stories keep the continuity of the movie/novel, which is super important to me. The stories are quick. I would definitely call this light reading, so it's a perfect book for the summer.

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