Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lady Killer / Lisa Scottoline / 255 pages/ audiobook

Lawyer Mary DiNunzio is astounded when the mean girls from high school show up in her office.  They are anything but nice to her, but she thinks she owes them because they went to the same high school and hail from the same neighborhood.  They don't want to be friends and never hesitate to talk down to her but they want her help.  Trish Gambone is being abused by her mobster boyfriend.  She is afraid he is about to ask her to marry him and if she refuses he will kill her.  When the boyfriend is shot dead in an alley, Trish is a prime suspect.  You can't help but chuckle as you listen to the mean girls' accents and the crazy path Mary's investigation takes.  The ending is great...?!

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