Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hostile Witness / Rebecca Forster / 287 pages

A Josie Bates Thriller, Book 1
Josie Bates is an excellent trial lawyer with a killer reputation.  Years ago she defended a young mother accused of murder and won.  The young mother then killed her own children.  Josie had sworn off criminal law and worked simple civil cases instead.  When an old friend, Linda Sheraton, requests her help, however, she agrees to help, at least initially and then will recommend someone else to represent the girl at trial, if necessary.  The friend has married well.  Her husband is the son of Fritz Rayburn, a California Supreme Court judge.  Unfortunately, the judge died in a fire allegedly set by sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton - the friend's daughter, a diagnosed obsessive-compulsive with a history of difficulties.  Josie feels compelled to help the girl despite the ghosts from her past and additional evidence that increases the likelihood of the girl's guilt.  This psychological thriller is intense with multiple plot twists and extraordinarily well-developed characters.

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