Sunday, May 1, 2016

Escape, A New Life / David J. Antocci / 205 pages

Wow!  This was one wild, violent ride with a most unique premise, an awesome beginning, and a satisfying ending that segues well into the second book of the trilogy, Past Sins.  Abby wakes up on a deserted island beach without knowing where she is or how she got there.  She has always been a bit curvy. At just five feet it was hard not to put on weight, but her stomach seems smaller and she seems to be in much better shape than she remembers.  She sees someone floating in the water and struggles to rescue a lean, strongly built young man.  Eric doesn't know how he got to be on the island either, but suspects hijinks from his friends.  This is not practical joke.  The reader discovers that they are willing participants in a wilderness reality TV show and have had their memories wiped of the past ten years so they do not know they are a part of a TV show.  They only know that are stranded with killers and learn they, too, must kill to survive.  Abby's secret past includes a ruthless mob-connected husband who wants her back.  The nonstop action and fearless heroics of the diminutive Abby make this a most enjoyable read.

"Good people get into bad situations, sometimes they have to take measures to get out."

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