Monday, May 2, 2016

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, Vol. 2: The Weeping Angels of Mons / Robbie Morrison / 128 pgs

I saw that Doctor Who has come out with some new 10th Doctor adventures featuring a new companion from NYC and was intrigued, so I checked out KL's copy. I ended up reading the 2nd volume first, but had no problem following the story line. I feel that World War I has been overdone a bit in the Whoniverse, but I also know that WWI just seems to be a bigger deal for most Brits than it is for Americans, but that would be my only complaint for the story. I do like that the Angels are back to sending people to the past. One of my biggest complaints about Season 5 of Doctor Who was how the Angels were all of a sudden killing people rather than feeding off the energy of their victims' "would have beens". Some have said that you don't necessarily need to have watched a bunch of Doctor Who episodes to understand the plot of this graphic novel. Not having read the first volume of this graphic novel yet, that might be true. The Doctor does go into a lot of detail about the Weeping Angels in this second volume, but I'm unsure how explanatory the first volume is on who the Doctor is, where he comes from, etc.

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