Sunday, May 1, 2016

Divine Evil / Nora Roberts / 501 pages

Claire Kimball, an accomplished sculptor in New York, is troubled by depression fueled by the return of childhood nightmares.  She returns to her small hometown in Maryland, to the home where her father fell to his death.  Was the death suicide, an accident, or murder?  Claire found the body that night and it has haunted her ever since.  Strange events are happening in the town...a baby's body was dug up and removed from the cemetery..., a young girl has gone missing..., devil worshippers are cavorting in the woods...,  high school bad boy turned sheriff, Cameron Rafferty's step father is found viciously beaten..., and Cam is both investigating officer and possible suspect.  Sparks fly between Cam and Claire as Claire is forced to relive her childhood nightmares.  Can she outrun the demons?

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