Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Walks the Fire/ Stephanie Whitson/ 301 pages

     This book is a Christian historical novel set in the 1800's before 1870.  Jesse goes west with her husband and toddler son when disaster strikes and her son is run over from the wagon wheel and her husband is killed by a buffalo.  A Lakota man takes her to his tribe where he happens to have a motherless baby son.  She ultimately forms a bond with him and all is well until years later, yep, another death by buffalo.  The book is not very realistic, but I liked it anyway.  It was romantically quite tame and every chapter starts with a Bible verse.  She does address the issue of prejudice and especially that for "half-breeds".  The author was born in E. St. Louis and went to SIU Edwardsville.  She actually lives in Nebraska near the setting of the story.

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