Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Seeker / S.J. James / 289 pgs

This was a pretty easy read. In fact, I finished it in less than 24 hours, partly because of it's size and partly because I was hooked on the story. I loved the sci-fi edge, I loved that the characters were likable, even the rival for the alien's affections. It's only drawback was the whole "Me Tarzan, You Jane" aspect that was partly understandable, because hey, aliens shouldn't know how to speak English perfectly right off the bat! However, I felt like the reader was beaten over the head with all of the language miscommunication and the fact that our female protagonist kept on calling her alien boyfriend "Tarzan" all the time. This kept from the book rating five stars with me.

The Vymalns came to Earth acting as if they needed Earth's help, but ended up enslaving the majority of the human race. Vymalns are huge, have two hearts, and are almost impossible to kill. When a young lady, Kara, finds herself about to be killed by two Vymalns, she is saved by Aiodhan, another alien, but one that is far better looking. Aiodhan is part of an elite group of warriors, called Seekers, who are tasked with missions to kill Vymalns. Can Kara learn to trust another alien? What is Aiodhan's real motive? Can humanity be saved?

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