Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Unforgettable / Scott Simon 256 p.

Unforgettable / Scott Simon 256 p.

The subtitle tells it all. 
"a mother's final days and the lessons that last a lifetime"
This memoir is a delight.  Simon makes you laugh and cry and sometimes at the same time.  He recounts the time he spent in the ICU with his mother.  They reminisced, told favorite stories, shared confidences, laughed a lot, and showed the loving bond between mother and son.  Her son tells her story, Patricia Lyons Simon Newman (and his) with sincerity, genuineness, honesty, seriousness and love.  A memoir that is hard to put down.  It start while his mother was in the ICU with tweets.  These became the nucleus of this book.  Tweets like:
Mother called: "I can't talk. I'm surrounded by handsome men." Emergency surgery. If you can hold a thought for her now...
Tnx for nice thoughts for my mother. She's in recovery now, wheezing jokes through oxygen tube! Inspiration in aspiration! 
My mother in ICU sees Kate & Will holding baby and tears: "Every baby boy is a little king to his parents. " So I tear too.
I am getting a life's lesson about grace from my mother in the ICU. We never stop learning from our mothers, do we? 
Through out the final hospital stay, his mother maintained her wit.
I consider this a good sign: mother sez when time comes, obit headline should be Three Jewish Husbands, But No Guilt. 
I tell my mother, "You'll never stop teaching me." She said, "Well don't blame me for everything."

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