Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Daughter/ Jane Shemilt/ 341 pages

The Daughter written by Jane Shemilt examines what happens to a family when 15 year old daughter Naomi goes missing.  Told in present time and flashbacks the story is slowly unveiled to the reader.  Jenny and husband, Ted, are both doctors.  They seem to have life well in control with their twin sons, Theo and Ed, and younger daughter Naomi.  Then one day Naomi does not come home after the school play.  Slowly Jenny retraces what has been happening only now seeing the clues that her daughter has been revealing.  While in present time, Jenny begins to examine her own life.  The ending is not what the reader would expect. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy family drama as well as mysteries.  For more information and read a likes see the SCCCLD website.

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