Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Longest Night: A Novel/ Andria Williams/383 pages

The Longest Night is the first novel written by Andria Williams.  Set in the early 1960's, Paul, his wife Nat, and two daughters arrive in Falls Idaho as he starts his new deployment at a military nuclear power base.  Paul's superior officer spends his day drinking in his office and making sure the logs look good for inspections.  Problems with the reactor begin to build until Paul fears for his family's safety.  Finally, a devastating accident uncovers all the problems.  Most of the book explores the  human interactions on the base.  The book is not very heavy into science.  A reactor explosion did occur, January 3, 1961 at Idaho Falls which resulted in the deaths of three operators.  This book will appeal most to the reader who enjoys people more than the event.  The explosion, while important, does not dominate the story.

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