Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fifth Gospel/ Ian Caldwell/ 431 pages

The Fifth Gospel is the second book written by Ian Caldwell.  The Fifth Gospel traces the lives of two Catholic priests.  Brother, one followed in his father's footsteps to become an Easter Orthodox Catholic priest while the other became a Roman Catholic priest.  They become embroiled in the murder of a friend and the mystery of the friend's discovery.   When Simon is found with Ugo's body his first instinct is to call his brother Alex.  Together the brothers try to discover what Ugo was doing that could cost him his life.  But one brother already knows the truth.  The Fifth Gospel opens up the country of the Vatican to the reader in a way not usually seen.  Caldwell unveils the lives of the people who live within the Vatican and how the country operates within Rome, Italy.  This book will appeal to readers who enjoyed Dan Brown's books, the Crusades and Templar fiction.  For more information and read a likes see the SCCCLD website

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