Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brotherhood in Death/J.D. Robb/388 pgs.

This is the newest installment in the Eve Dallas series, and one of J.D. Robb's best! Dennis Mira, husband to Charlotte Mira (a profiler extraordinaire for the NYPSD), unwittingly disrupts a crime in progress, His brother, Edward Mira, is bloodied and battered, and before Dennis can help him, Dennis is knocked unconscious. When Dennis regains consciousness, Edward is gone. Lt. Eve Dallas is brought in to head the investigation which goes from a missing person case to a murder case. As it turns out, this murder will not be an isolated incident. It's a fast paced read with an interesting story line. Readers familiar with the series will get a better insight into Dennis and Charlotte's characters, plus that of Eve Dallas. Highly recommend this and the entire series!

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