Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter's Bone / Daniel Woodrell / 193 pgs.

At only 193 pages, this book was read in less than two days. I read it as part of the #ReadHarder challenge to read a book and watch the movie. I have the DVD placed on reserve, so I can't compare the two yet, but I loved this book. Unbeknownst to me, there is a new genre called country noir, coined by none other than the author of Winter's Bone, Daniel Woodrell.  Country noir books are placed in rural settings, often in the Ozarks or Appalachia and tend to have characters with little education, but often with a whole lot of common sense and survival know-how. Politics are of the family variety and there's often a lot of meth involved.

In Winter's Bone, sixteen-year old Ree Daisy must look for her dad when it seems he's skipped out on a court date or else risk losing what little her mom, her two younger brothers, and Ree owns. Her extended family provides little help, if not a whole lot of interference. If I have any complaints, it may be only that the language used is so foreign to a suburbanite, it hardly feels like this story could take place in the same state.

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