Thursday, January 14, 2016

STILETTO / Daniel O’Malley / 592 pages / MO Book Challenge Wildcard: NOT born in Missouri

(Note: Received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher)

Fantasy and series fans will rejoice at the opportunity to re-visit this extraordinary world of bizarre covert operations and enjoy speculating about unresolved threads left behind that can lead to further adventures!

What do you do when negotiations between deadly rivals falter due to vicious terrorist attacks? O’Malley’s popular debut fantasy, THE ROOK, concerned amnesia and conspiracies among The Checquy, a paranormal version of Britain’s MI5. That novel ended with a startling proposal from the seemingly immortal leader of the Grafters, the agency’s oldest enemy.

In STILETTO, Rook Myfanwy Thomas, still suffering from amnesia, is sponsoring a merger with their old adversary, peaceful dialogue threatened by a fiendish, unknown enemy. She pairs up two young women who despise everything the other stands for, assigning one to act as bodyguard for the other. There exists a bitter and long-standing enmity between Checquy personnel and members of the Grafters’ organization. Can they overcome centuries of inbred fear and hated to avoid an all-out supernatural war?

Witty banter, otherworldly paranoia, and fragile diplomacy have never been so much fun!  

TWITTERSTILETTO by O’Malley - ROOK Thomas’ dilemma: stop attacks on merger talks or supernatural war erupts! 

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