Monday, January 4, 2016

Girl on the Train/ Paula Hawkins/ 323 pages

The girl on the train /The Girl on the Train is a debut novel for reporter Paula Hawkins.  Rachel rides the train into London on a daily basis.  At one stop she has created a fantasy couple that she watches daily.  Just a few houses away is Rachel's former house, now inhabited by Tom and Anna and their baby girl.  One day Rachel sees something that does not fit with her fantasy and the next day Megan, the female half of the fantasy couple, disappears.  Who hurt Megan?  Did she leave on her own, was it Scott, her husband?  Or did Rachel have something to do with it?  Drinking and blackouts hinder Rachel as she tries to solve the riddle.  This book would appeal to readers of 'Gone Girl' and similar psycho-dramas.  For more information see the SCCCLD website.

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