Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kiss of Deception / Mary E. Pearson / 489 pages / Scary October-November Challenge

Princess Lia's kingdom is steeped in tradition.  As First Daughter she is expected to have the Gift of Sight, but it has failed to manifest.  Her parents, the Royal Couple, have arranged a marriage for her to secure a much-needed alliance with a neighboring kingdom.  Lia has never met the prince and assumes he is an old toad who will doom her to a loveless life.   She demands to meet him before the wedding.  When Prince Rafferty fails to show, Lia runs away on the morning of the wedding with her best friend, Pauline.  She settles in a small village and believes she will be content as a serving maid.  Unfortunately, her desperate departure is deemed to be treason and, of course, upsets relations with the intended's country.  Lia realizes she cannot run from her destiny, as her decision has affected countless lives.  She is pursued by Rafe (her intended) and a mysterious assassin.  Both fall in love with her...
This is a well-plotted adventure romance with just the right amount of passion and perhaps a bit too much (although thoroughly understandable) violence, told through three voices - the princess, the prince, and the assassin.

Gateway Award Prelininary Nominee 2016-17

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