Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Missing Pieces of Me / Jean Van Leeuwen / 226 pages

"Where did you go after you died?  Were any little pieces of you left behind?"  Grace (Weezie) wonders.  Her momma is forever telling her she is a bad girl.  She says she is just like her father who abandoned them before she was born.  Her momma has three kids by three different men and mood swings that seem to target Weezie.  Weezie sorely misses her Gramma Emmeline...and her daddy.  She and her friends, Calvin and Louella, attempt to discover his identity and his whereabouts.  Weezie longs for a loving family like Louella, and Louella covets Weezie's artistic talent.  Weezie has a tough life.  Pieces of her seem to be missing and lies do not help one bit.  Although this is not a happy every after story.  It is a realistic portrayal of a spunky, loving heroine who realizes what she has, and the courage to wish for more...and to do something about it.

"Wishing doesn't make it so."

Mark Twain Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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