Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Husband's Secret / Liane Moriarty / 396 pages / 11 Discs

This book follows the intertwining stories of Tess O'Leary, Rachel Crowley, and Cecilia Fitzpatrick and how one singular event, one singular secret has woven their lives together in ways they never would have thought possible.  When we meet Tess, she's leaving Melbourne, her husband, and her cousin (who's also her husband's lover) behind and fleeing to Sydney with her son to mourn her destroyed marriage in the familiarity of her childhood home.  Rachel Crowley is mourning the death of her long-ago murdered daughter as well as coping with the anger she feels for her son and daughter-in-law as they decide to uproot their family and move to New York for two years, taking Rachel's grandson, the light of Rachel's world, with them.  And Cecilia, she has just found a letter, that once opened is going to change the fate of all three women in one crazy and life-altering way.

This book is perfect for those readers who love a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  It contains characters for seem very real.  Moriarty captures the voice of each women splendidly, and tells a story that readers won't soon forget.

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