Sunday, November 29, 2015

Screaming at the Ump / Audrey Vernick / 250 pages

Casey Snowden is not too excited about the start of middle school, but middle school meant a school newspaper and Casey had always known that this was where his life as a reporter would begin.  He "wanted to write about baseball, to report on it, to show how every game is unique, its own unpredictable story."  People has always assumed that he was going to be an umpire when he got older, like his dad and grandpa, or teach at the umpire school, Behind the Plate.  But the thing about umpires is, if they do their job well, they aren't part of the story at all. Casey's best friend, Zeke, is obsessed with reality TV, has kind of an overactive and maybe a tiny bit insane imagination, has wild untamed hair, and 92% of the time Casey was glad he was his best friend. Casey is disappointed to learn that sixth graders are expected to work on securing ads for the paper.  No sixth grader has ever had a story published in the paper.  Casey needs a really big story, one so impressive it will have to be published.  Is an ex major league pitcher who virtually disappeared after drug allegations were made against him the answer?  Can Casey reconcile his relationship with his mom?

"Anger isn't always logical."
"It was all about getting a good angle, seeing the play, and making the right call."
"There's no sense getting upset about thing's you can't change."

Mark Twain Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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