Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sanctum / Madeleine Roux / 343 pages / November Challenge (horror)

This second novel in Roux's YA horror series is a wonderful sequel to Asylum.  Dan, Abby, and Jordan have begun their senior year at separate high schools.  They stay in touch through texting and social media until they discover that they are all still plagued by nightmares about their stay in Brookline Asylum for a college prep summer program.  After each of them receive a postcard with a creepy carnival picture and a combined message of "You're not finished," they finally decide to go back to Brookline to confront their fears, and hopefully put the summer firmly behind them.  Once at the campus, things once again seem weird to them.  College students wander around with glazed eyes - and they can't quite believe that it's all due to drugs and alcohol.  Documents are missing from the campus library, and the trio discovers more mysteries after breaking into abandoned houses all over town.  The clues and discoveries will have readers staying up late to finish this book in one sitting.  The final book in the series is Catacomb.

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