Thursday, November 19, 2015

George / Alex Gino / 196 pages

      This will be a controversial book that is destined to be burned in some parts of Michigan (hey, they burned Harry Potter) and banned in other places.  George is a transgender child.  He is physically a boy, but inside is really a girl.  George is in 4th grade and wants to play Charlotte in the school play "Charlotte's Web".  What should George do?  How does George get along with a couple of boys?  One is a former friend and the other is just a bully. Then there is the family-how to reveal being a daughter instead of a son.  Is it even possible?
     The book really gets into George's head with understanding about what it could be like to be transgender.  George explores the myriad problems and the author educates the reader on what transgender means and lays out how a medical transformation could happen.  Most kids will probably not really know what this all means.  They know "different" when they see it, but they can't name it or accept it which is how all the troubles arise.  In this book, it ends on a high note where George has one accepting friend with whom the secret is safe.  However, it ends there with George feeling "right" for the first time.
     There needs to be a sequel where the reality hits with family, school, and even strangers.  How will George cope with the many problems that will arise in the struggle to be transgender.  That second book would be a lulu.  I hope no young reader thinks that coming out will be easy based on this book.
     Extraordinary, well-written book that should be in the library and not banned.

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