Monday, October 19, 2015

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins/ 336 p.

Rachel Watson is the main character who watches life through the window of a train.  She is alcoholic, needy, divorced, jobless, and removed from reality.  When she rides the train past her former house where her ex-husband, his current wife and child live, she imagines being there again.  She acts on her fantasies at times and her ex-husband tries (unsuccessfully) to restrain her from bothering his family.  You get the feeling that he still loves her and wants to help her, but he needs to protect his wife and child from Rachel's bizarre behavior.  Rachel begins to watch a couple who live a few doors down from her ex.  One day the wife disappears and Rachel believes that she can help the husband in some way so he is not accused of murdering his wife.  The story continues to be quite bizarre with many twists and turns.  Ultimately Rachel practically self-destructs and it is hard to understand or empathize with her.  It reminded me of the movie "Fatal Attraction."  I can't say I recommend this book as it was difficult to hang in there until the end.

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