Sunday, October 11, 2015

Made for You / Melissa Marr / 358 pages / Scary Story, October Challenge

Eva Tilling's "family is the biggest employer in Jessup, North Carolina.  They're the modern equivalent of aristocracy.  Added to that, Eva's father is a minister's son, so the combination of Cooper wealth and Tilling modesty makes Eva a veritable princess..." and yet someone tried to kill her in a hit and run.  It wasn't an accident.  When she awakens in ICU, she has various broken bones, facial lacerations, and TBI - traumatic brain injury.  Is the TBI causing her hallucinations wherein she experiences other people's death?  "Almost everyone keeps to the rules of Unspoken Things.  It's a long standing tradition in the South.  Unpleasantness is best not discussed; delicate matters are hinted at, but not spoken."  When additional girls at Eva's high school are murdered, it becomes obvious that a serial killer is at work...and he/she is fixated on Eva.
Ms. Marr does an absolutely outstanding job of maintaining cutting edge suspense in this shocking page-turner.  The protagonist is well developed and compels the reader to empathetically participate in her horror.

"Sin and status are sure ways to death."

Gateway Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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