Sunday, October 11, 2015

Every Fifteen Minutes / Lisa Scottoline / 649 pages / Scary Story, October Challenge

Dr. Eric Parrish was "losing everything that mattered to him:  his child, his job, his freedom, even his reputation"...and his wife.  At the recommendation of one of the ER docs at his hospital, Chief of Psychiatric unit Eric is called to consult with a seventeen year old, Max, who is having a difficult time with the rapidly approaching death of his beloved grandmother.  His mother is an alcoholic who is rarely home.  Max is his grandmother's caretaker.  The grandmother fears for Max.  He's a loner and a gamer, and she is afraid her death might send him over the edge.  Eric agrees to treat Max as a private patient...which opens a huge can of worms, a domestic terrorism incident, and a murder.  While Eric is dealing with the fallout and suspicion, and he is fighting on the home front for custody of his daughter, a sexual harassment charge by a medical student is brought against him.  The tension keeps building in the spine-tingling page-turner.  I had to take a break several times.  Ms. Scottoline has done a masterful job involving the reader in a good man's effort to do what must/should be done in a world gone mad.

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