Sunday, October 25, 2015

Call Me By Name / John Ed Bradley / 265 pages

"Mark my words," Angie and Rodney Boulet's father said.  "This experiment won't work - this black-and-white thing?  I could blame the federal judge that's forced it on us, bit I still say it's Abraham Lincoln who got the ball rolling."  Both twins are drawn to Tatum (Tater) Henry, but Rodney rejects the idea that Angie and Tater could be a couple.  It just wasn't done.  Does that him a hypocrite....or a racist?  It was weird how Rodney felt about Tater.  "One moment [he] burned with resentment for the troubles he'd brought into [his] life, and the next he was the guy [he] like hanging around with better than anybody."  Together he and Tater revitalize the football team and win state, severely altering the future.  This is a nostalgic trip to the sixties, an intense exploration of inter race relationships, prejudice, and paradigm shift.

"Don't just see what color some dude is.  Call him by his name."
"Sports gave you the chance to start all over again with each new season."
"Integration was an elusive concept and easy to avoid despite government mandates."

Gateway Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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