Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Asylum / Madeleine Roux / 313 pages / October Challenge

This YA book features 3 high school juniors at a summer college prep academy in New Hampshire that happens to be held in the same building that housed Brookline Mental Asylum many years ago.  Dan, Abbie, and Jordan become best friends the first day of the academy, but forces beyond their control are driving wedges between them.  Dan suspects he may be related to the former director of the asylum and Abbie discovers her aunt may have been a patient.  Jordan has arrived without the knowledge of his parents who think he is at a "pray the gay away" camp in California.  Although parts of the plot remain unresolved, this is a good read.  It reminded me most of Shutter Island.  The themes may be a bit dark for younger readers, but ages 15+ will enjoy the fast-paced action and mystery surrounding New Hampshire College and Brookline.

This is the first book of a series that includes Sanctum and Catacomb.

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