Tuesday, October 20, 2015

After I'm Gone/ Laura Lippman/ 334 pages

After I'm Gone written by Laura Lippman tells the story of Felix Brewer, and his five women.  Truth be told, Felix has had lots of women, but his wife, Bambi, three daughters and his lover Julie, make for a tale of sadness.  Avoiding the IRS, Felix disappears one day.  Ten years later, the same is true for Julie. Retired detective 'Sandy' Sanchez works cold cases.  When the remains of Julie are found,  26 years after Felix disappeared, Sandy revisits the case and tries to solve the murder.  The story alternates from the past to the present is in any easy to follow pattern.  As clues are uncovered, guilt passes from person to person.  This book was an enjoyable, but bittersweet read.  Well written, it keeps the reader guessing until the end.  For more information and read a likes check the SCCCLD website.

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