Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Girl Who Never Was / Slylar Dorset / 298 pages / Action Adventure Set in Another Country Sept. Challenge

"Seventeen is just seventeen.  Nothing big, nothing exciting. Just an in-between age."  Almost seventeen year old Selkie lives with her two Great Aunts on Beacon Hill in Boston.  She knows little about her mother save her name - Faye Blaxton.  Her father is confined to a home for mentally disadvantaged and is no help for information about her mother.  He always repeats exactly the same mantra.  Her aunts tell her they are all the family she needs - "'nough said."  On a field trip to Salem, she wonders into the Salem Which Museum and is shown into a most unusual library.  In several ancient volumes she discovers some puzzling, if not impossible information.  She needs answers.  How is she supposed to make any decisions about her future when she knows nothing at all about her past?  When she doesn't really know who she is?  Ben, the boy she thinks she's in love with, is a traveler between Thisworld and Otherworld, a faerie.  Will, from the museum is a wizard, and she is the autumn fay from the Seelie Court.  Her aunts are ogres and she is half ogre.  The prophesy says she is going to overthrow the Seelie Court and restore peace to the Otherworld.  Which is why her mother wants her dead...  Although this is a fast-paced adventure filled with action and peopled with unusual characters, circumstances, and magic, the ending left a lot to be desired...

"Words are important.  The most important things there are."
"None of us is ever as special as we think."
"Written words - That's were the real power is.  And of course...history...depends on who has done the writing of it."
"You have to know a lot of random stuff to have a successful adventure."

Truman Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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