Sunday, September 27, 2015

Space Case / Stuart Gibbs / 337 pages / Action Adventure Set in Another Country September Challenge

MBA (Moon Base Alpha) is Dashiell Gibson's new home.  He would much rather be surfing with the guys in his native Hawaii.  Instead, he is enduring the rigors of life on the moon.  Descriptions of living conditions on the moon base are detailed and humorous, imparted through the observations of twelve year old Dash and the official NASA Moon Base Guide.  Dash is convinced that an eminent scientist's death is not suicide as reported, but murder...based on a telephone conversation he overheard in the john.  Was it murder?  Is the base commander the murderer?  Multiple suspects, a smartly-paced, intricate plot, and a surprise ending, coupled with a most unusual setting conspire to capture the attention/interest of even reluctant readers.

Mark Twain Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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