Sunday, September 13, 2015

Buzzkill / Beth Fantaskey / 362 pages

Millie Ostermeyer's senior year is anything but normal.  Her relationship with her dad leaves something to be desired.  He is mayor and assistant coach for Honeywell High's football team, but since her mother died of cancer, he is somewhat aloof, and immersed in his jobs.  When Miller discovers the dead body of Hollerin' Hank Kildare, the despised head football coach in one of the equipment rooms, her father assumes the head coach position and is one of the prime suspects in the murder.  Millie uses Nancy Drew books, her position on the school newspaper, the local librarian (whom she discover is secretly seeing her father...but that's another story), and the quarterback of the football team, Chase Albright, to investigate.  Using her investigative skills, Millie uncovers a past Chase wishes to escape.  Millie's antagonistic relationship with Vivien Fitch makes her a fine suspect in Millie's mind.  This audio is exceptional, especially the voice of Vivien.  The identification of the murderer is a bit of a surprise.

Truman Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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