Friday, January 3, 2014

Under the Baseball Moon / John H. Ritter / 283 pages / 12 Drummers Drumming December Challenge

" A rep is a lot like a tattoo, easy to get, but a lot harder to get rid of."  Skateboarder Andy Ramos was on a mission, to become a world class trumpeter.  His grandfather has played with the great and both his parents are musicians, so music is in his roots.  Andy's childhood nemesis is back in town.  Glory Martinez was always a flamboyant odd duck and was linked to Andy.  She has radically changed, but is still remarkable, still attached to Andy, and has dreams of her own.  She wants to be a top softball player and compete in the Olympics.  Their dreams are not incompatible until a mysterious stranger interferes.  "Under the Baseball Moon is a brilliant blend of music, softball, and friends that will capture the heart and soul of any reader who marches - or skateboards - to a different drummer."

"A song's journey is not complete until it reaches the audience, and they respond."

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