Thursday, January 23, 2014

Signs and Wonders / Philip Gulley 208 p.

Phillip Gulley returns to Harmony, Indiana in this third in the series about Sam Garner pastor of the Harmony Friends Meeting.  Sam preaches about love while Dale Hinshaw practices balloon ministry (he sends loads of balloons aloft with scriptural readings).  Barbara, Sam's wife wins a trip to the Caribbean and goes with a neighbor when Sam can't get away--until he wakes up.  Deena Morrison is struggling with being single.  The Friendly Women's Committee takes on the challenge.  When the library board decides to let Miss Rudy, the elderly librarian, go, they draft Sam to deliver the bad news.  This scene is a laugh out loud one.

Those who enjoy the Father Timothy series by Jan Karon may enjoy this.  And fans of Garrison Keillor small town Lake Wobegan may enjoy this.  The humorous small town life may appeal to Fanny Flagg readers.

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