Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inferno / Dan Brown / 461 pages

     First book read on a Kindle.  I chose it because it was the first author I had read before.
Nice positive topic: human population is growing at such a rate that the world needs something drastic like a plague to cull the population by 1/3 in order to survive.
     Okay, that being said, Robert Langdon is off on another adventure deciphering clues from paintings and Dante's Inferno.  Will he prevent the apocalypse?
     I did enjoy the book even with the grim topic.  There is a bit much of travelogue in it.
Dan Brown obviously spent a lot of time in Italy to "research" the book and get tax breaks..
Hmm.  What location should I use when I write a book?
     Not as good as The Da Vinci code, but still pretty good.

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