Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hostage/Kay Hooper/306 pgs.

This is a "Bishop/Special Crimes Unit" novel.  Cole Jacoby is hiding in the Appalachian Mountains after robbing a bank of ten million dollars. Cole Jacoby is no typical bank robber--it appears that he is being taken over by an "evil" entity. Luther Brinkman, a private investigator with clairvoyant abilities, is sent to track down Jacoby. When Brinkman runs into trouble, Callie Davis, an FBI agent with  telepathic abilities, comes to his rescue. Together, they go after the evil embodied by Cole Jacoby.  Working a different case are Special Agents Hollis Templeton, a medium, and Reese DeMarco, an "open" telepath.  All four agents' abilities are needed to combat the evil existing in Cole Jacoby.  I enjoyed the book, but didn't find it as suspenseful as some of the other entries in this series.

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