Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FURIES OF CALDERON / Jim Butcher / 440 Pages / Audiobook / Christmas Challenge: 8 Maids-a-Milking (animals) & 2 Turtle Doves (flying)

FURIES OF CALDERON, read by Kate Reading, is the first in the epic fantasy series 'Codex Alera' by Jim Butcher, also known his urban fantasy series featuring Chicago wizard Harry Dresden.

Everyone in the land of Alera, except a young farm boy named Tavi, can control Furies, elemental powers of wind, earth, water, fire, and metal. Tavi and Amara, a spy pretending to be a slave, must work together to defend their country against not only invading barbarian Marat but also from scheming nobles wanting to overthrow the aging High Lord of Alera.

Narrator Reading gives each character their own personality and enhances the author's convincing storytelling style. Fans of Butcher's Dresden Files series or the Inheritance Trilogy by N. K. Jemisin should enjoy the great world-building in this fast-paced, epic fantasy.

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