Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Secrets of an Organized Mom / Barbara Reich / 240 pgs

Barbara Reich is a professional organizer and she has a 4 step plan for cleaning up your clutter and staying organized.  1. purge 2. design 3. organize and 4. maintain.  She repeats this mantra throughout the book as she walks you through the main areas of your house and gives tips and ideas on what you can throw out, keep, and where and how to store things.  This book is less preachy and philosophical and doesn't waste time asking you why you have so much stuff, which is actually quite refreshing.  Instead Ms. Reich gets right to it with checklists and brief bullet points to let you deal with the clutter problem you have now. 

I want to buy my own copy of this book to use for personal reference, but I'll have to remember to keep it at the top of my pile of clutter so I don't lose it.  :)

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