Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cut / Patricia McCormick / 168 pages / October Challenge Banned Books

Callie has been sent to Sea Pines because she is a cutter.  Her roommate calls her S. T. for Silent Treatment because she refuses to talk.  She even sits in her counseling sessions silently.  She believes she is responsible for her family's woes - her brother Sam's asthma, her mother's tiredness, and her father's job troubles and absenteeism.  Her counselor helps her to see that she actually saved her brother's life.  The interactions with other residents and staff at Sick Minds, the inmate name for Sea Pines, in informative, heartbreaking, and, in most cases, hopeful.  Cut was #86 on the Top 100 Banned/Challenged Book list 2000-2009.  Critics argued that Cut "glamorizes self-mutilation and could actually encourage readers to try and capture the feelings described by Callie when she cuts herself."

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