Saturday, August 27, 2011

Captain Nobody / Dean Pitchford / 195 pages / Mark Twain Award Nominee 2011

Newton Newman's older brother, Chris, is a football star.  Destined for college, he is about to play his final high school game and is the center of attention.  Newt is intrigued by super heroes and has a notebook of heroes he has designed.  He has two best friends - JJ, who is into books, and Cecil, who is into music.  The friends are trying to decide who they will be for Halloween - JJ=book character; Cecil=Mozart; and Newt=Captain Nobody.  Newt assembles a costume out of Chris's hand-me-downs which he has rescued from the laundry.  He wears the costume to school, creating havoc.  His brother is injured at his football game and is in a coma.  The book has some great laughs and yet deals seriously with the issues of friendship and familial love.

We need to get in touch with "our inner other".

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