Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Ice Planet Barbarians Series, Book 2 Barbarian Alien / Ruby Dixon / 211 pages

Kidnapped from Earth by aliens Liz and a bunch twelve other women are kept prisoner on their ship to become sex slaves but when things go wrong for their captors the alien traffickers dump their ‘cargo,’ the women, on an ice planet until they can come back for them. When Georgie decides they can’t stay in the cargo container, she explores the ice planet looking for natives that might help her and the other women and finds a native. He and his people mate for life when they meet the ‘one,’ and because of the alien symbiote they have inside them that lets them survive the harsh conditions of the planet ‘choose’ their mate. Now the women also have to get symbiotes in order to survive on the planet and her symbiote chooses one of the natives Raahosh, but she doesn’t really like him. Two points of view in the book by Liz and by Raahosh. Narrated by Hollie Jackson & Mason Lloyd 6h 27min.

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