Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Nightshade Paranormal Cozy Series, Book 1 Witch You Were Here / Lori Woods / 196 pages

Late one night Suzy Maycomber hears a strange noise in her house and goes to investigate it only to find a man trying to steal her grandmother’s old silver drinking cup, when she goes to hit him with an old broom the man disappears through the wall.  Thinking she imagined it or is going crazy she goes back to bed. The next day on a routine trip to the vet she hears a voice crying for help and Suzy Maycomber and her cat, Snowball, take a shortcut through the cemetery only to find themselves in the mystical land of Nightshade, where magic exists and cats talk, and her broom is magical.  Only the librarian, Rachel, the most powerful witch in Nightshade, can help Suzy get home, only problem, Rachel's just been murdered. Desperate to find her way home, Suzy reluctantly agrees to take Rachel's place as Nightshade's resident witch and librarian where she'll have access to the spell books that might hold the answers she needs. But her search for the truth draws Suzy ever deeper into danger. There is someone-or something-in Nightshade that doesn't want Suzy to get home. Rachel's murderer is prepared to kill again-and Suzy may be next. If Suzy wants to get home, she'll have to learn to be a witch first. Narrated by Rebecca Mitchell 5h 49min.

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