Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Love and War Series, Book 3 Antibody / R.A. Steffan / 246 pages

Vithii military cyborgs never go rogue, that's the official line that the Regime gives. How could they, when their emotion centers have been ripped out and replaced with tech? Cyborgs do 3 things: follow orders, destroy whatever target you point them at, and walk calmly into vaporization chambers when it's time to be decommissioned. PX-12 known to his friends as Pax, only performed 2 of those functions during his stint in the military. D-8, one of his unit-siblings, performed all 3. So when Pax receives D-8's distress beacon 7 years after Pax saw him destroyed, there is either something wrong with his systems or the Regime is recycling the minds of decommissioned cyborgs, turning them into weapons even more horrific than they were before. To stop it, Pax and the other members of Shadow Wing, the rogue group fighting against the Regime, will need the help of telepathic Vitharan ambassador and part time spy, Nahleene Veila'ana, the woman who once helped Ryder and Temple escape a Vithii Regime controlled prison and whose motivations are questionable. Narrated by Gwendolyn Druyor 7h 48min.

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