Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Isle of Destiny Series, Book 3 Spear Song / Tricia O'Malley / 216 pages

Book three in the Isle of Destiny Series, Gwenith Donovan owns a hobby store called This and That, carries on one sided conversations with her chubby cat, and maintains a huge comic book collection to fuel her geeky obsession.  For all that she lived a normal routine life, everything changes when she discovers her own superpower, she can use magic.  Lochlain Laird is a high sorcerer of the light Fae and has broken one of the highest rules of the light Fae.  He broke into the Goddess Danu’s cave and stole a vial of her sacred blood in order to heal his dying mother, he returned it before anyone could figure out who he used it on knowing the Fae would also punish his mother if they knew, but to break into the cave or even touch the sacred vial is a death sentence.  However Danu punishes him by making him the next Seeker’s Protector.  Feeling that the task is beneath him and knowing that after this duty is accomplished he will still possibly face a death sentence, Loch remains withdrawn and surly during Gwenith’s quest to find the Spear and break a centuries old curse before the dark Fae can stop them.  Narrated by Amy Landon 5h 14min

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