Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Heroes of New Vegas Series, Book 3 Abandon the Night/ Colleen Gleason / 382 pages

Five men emerge from a cave system fifty years after something destroys human life as they knew it.  Now with extraordinary new powers, they must learn how to survive in this new dark, ravaged world. They are determined to help the resistance movement fighting against the immortal Strangers that caused the destruction, and now repress the human race.  The Strangers, once human and the rich elite of society, part of the Cult of Atlantis, worked to cause the destruction of the world in exchange for crystals from Atlantis that give them immortality. Quent Fielding had it all money, power, women, good looks...until he and his friends were frozen in time for fifty years. Now he finds himself lost and alone in a new world of overgrown urban jungles, feeling useless and that he has nothing useful to offer the resistance besides his strange ability to touch objects and know their past.  However his ability comes as a double edged sword and he can sometimes fall into a deep black whole when he touches something and receives too much information. To feel useful he is determined to find and kill his father, one of the leaders of the Strangers and the Cult of Atlantis, he had a chance to do so when he was younger and his father was trying to beat him to death but didn’t take it and now feels slightly responsible for what his father has done. To find his father Quent’s going to need the help of Zoe Kapoor, the sharp-tongued zombie hunter to kill and avoid the zombies and wild animals, But she’s as sexy as she is elusive and has a dark past of her own, trying to hunt down and kill the man responsible for murdering her family and town. Narrated by Sebastian Fields 10h 30min.

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