Saturday, December 14, 2019

Love and War Series, Book 2 Antigen / R.A. Steffan / 239 pages

Ryder is a member of Hunter Tarthasian’s rogue group of alien Vithii, Shadow Wing,  that fight against the tyranny of the Vithii Regime, and was once a prestigious doctor until she performed an illegal experiment to try to save a patient’s life and had her credentials revoked.  When Skye escaped with the antidote to a deadly bio weapon that could only affect humans, her brother acted as a decoy to throw off the Regime and was captured and is now a political prisoner held by the Regime to try to use against Skye.  Once Ryder and Shadow Wing created the antidote they broke into the water supply plant to put it into the water so they could get it out to everyone on the planet before the Regime could use the Bio weapon. Now Shadow Wing are searching for Temple, Skye’s brother, to get some recon on the Vithii prison he is being held in they send Ryder in under a false identity as a doctor at the prison, but when someone from her past recognizes her, the plan to get Temple out goes up in flames.  Ryder is now also a prisoner along with Temple, and Shadow Wing have to save them both. Narrated by Gwendolyn Druyor 7h 19min

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