Monday, December 30, 2019

Bachelors of Bond Street/ J. MacGregor, S. Galen, M. Spencer/ 287 pgs

This was a fun anthology with nary a duke or an earl in sight:-) I enjoyed the stories by Janna MacGregor and Shana Galen more than the third story by Minerva Spencer, but all had something unique to offer and all had ties to shops on Bond Street. In MacGregor's story, a misplaced love letter leads to romance between a wealthy merchant's daughter and a bookshop owner. In Galen's story, the runaway daughter of a plantation owner and an enslaved woman finds love with the owner of a coffee shop. And finally in Spencer's story, a groom who clawed his way up to wealthy businessman finds a second chance with a governess he once knew. If you've never tried any of these authors, this anthology is a great way to start.

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