Thursday, August 28, 2014

Once Upon a Kiss / Nora Roberts and 3 others 376 p. Dec. Challenge 5 Gold Rings

Four stories by four romance authors.

A World Apart by Nora Roberts features a beautiful demon slayer from early times pursues a demon into the 21st century New York where she joins up with a P.I.

Impossible by Jill Gregory is a Romeo/Juliet type of romance between members of two warring families.

Sealed with a Kill by Ruth Ryan Langan involves a princess who's father gives her in marriage in payment for a debt, that of the warlord defending his lands from marauders; but she falls for the warrior.

Kiss Me, Kate by Marianne Willman has an American inheriting an English manor with an enchanted frog prince.  But is he the one for her?

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